Dorm Room Inferno: Buh-Bye, Bland College Grub

Feeding yourself while living in a dorm can be a real drag. But there are many simple (and inexpensive) options to keep those dorm-made noms bursting with flavor. And lots of heat.

How to Avoid Raising a Mealtime Mutineer

Can kids eat hot sauce? Can you get them to love the hot stuff like you do? Read the Aardvark’s inside scoop on how to avoid wheeling and dealing with a mini mutineer at the dinner table. Ahoy, maties, and all aboard!

Does Eating Hot Sauce Get You High?

A whopping 60 percent of folks experience euphoria from eating spicy food. Here’s why hot sauce makes you feel great. And why the pain is totally worth it.

Professor Aardvark’s Ring Sting Survival Guide

It’s a lot like a hangover. You eat some sauce. Then you need more sauce…then MORE. And the next morning, you find yourself crab-walking into the office, wondering why you didn’t take up the offer for a standing desk.

Camping with Secret Aardvark: Get the Hacks

Fresh air and play time makes whatever’s on the menu… Just. That. Much. Tastier. But nobody wants to babysit a camp stove when they’d rather enjoy actual camping. So, we’re sharing these camp cookout hacks with you!

7 Breakfast Hot Sauce Hacks for Endorphin Junkies Like You

It’s easy to make the same morning meals day after day, especially at early o’clock with just one eye open. Sure, you can always add a splash of the hot stuff on your eggs and potatoes to mix things up a little. But it can go oh, so far beyond that, people!

How Much Toilet Bowl Cleaner is in YOUR Hot Sauce?

You may think that hot sauce is all tomato, vinegar, onion, and spices. But guess what? The artificial and downright disgusting ingredients added to some mainstream hot sauces are no surprise.

Annual Giving Report

It’s not often that we get serious versus saucy here at Secret Aardvark – but there’s one thing we take 100% seriously: our ability – and we feel, obligation – to pass some of our proceeds on to organizations doing great things in the world.