How Much Toilet Bowl Cleaner is in YOUR Hot Sauce?

You may think that hot sauce is all tomato, vinegar, onion, and spices. But guess what? The artificial and downright disgusting ingredients added to some mainstream hot sauces are no surprise.

Annual Giving Report

It’s not often that we get serious versus saucy here at Secret Aardvark – but there’s one thing we take 100% seriously: our ability – and we feel, obligation – to pass some of our proceeds on to organizations doing great things in the world.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Small Business Saturday, 11/26

At Secret Aardvark, we run only one sale a year, and it’s on Small Business Saturday. We’ve chosen that day as a way to honor small businesses everywhere. What’s so great about small businesses? Read the five big reasons we just can’t resist going small.

The Unexpected Inspiration Behind Secret Aardvark

Scott Moritz was a surfer, musician, storyteller, and lover of food (tacos!) and flavors (spice!). But perhaps his greatest gift was his curious and quirky mind, which inspired him to create unexpected culinary mashups… plus a certain oddly-named hot sauce company.

Five Recipes to Fire up Your Taco Tuesday

Here at Secret Aardvark, we believe the best time for tacos is, well…ALL the time! But we’re fully on board with a slightly more formal celebration by way of National Taco Day.

The Scoville Scale for Hot Sauce: Does it Even Matter?

We often get asked, “What’s the Scoville rating for Aardvark hot sauce?” Here’s our philosophy about the Scoville chili pepper hotness scale…and why a number is perhaps not the best way to think about a great hot sauce.