The Secret Aardvark Fan Art Gallery

We thought a fan art drawing contest would be a fun way to get Aardvark fans excited about our 20th Anniversary, and oh boy, were we ever right! You exceeded all expectations with your fun, playful, and, yes, downright silly depictions of Scooter doing what he does best.

Join the “Draw Me” Aardvark Fan Art Contest

A 20th birthday is special! So special, we think, that our birthday Aardvark deserves a portrait to mark the occasion. And that’s where YOU come in. Between now and midnight April 1st (PST), 2024, draw, paint, design, sketch, or otherwise cutely render the Aardvark—you-style—and win fun stuff! 

Hot Holiday Beverages with a Burn

Go beyond the expected and feed the hot sauce fiend inside of you (and your friends) by spiking these popular holiday quaffs with a dash of Aardvark Habanero Sauce.