Q: Do you make your sauce with real aardvarks?

A: No aardvarks are harmed in the production of our sauces.

Q: How long has Secret Aardvark been in business?

A: We started slingin’ sauce in 2004 in the Portland Farmers Markets.

Q: Are Secret Aardvark products gluten free?

A: Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce contains no gluten but is processed in a plant that processes wheat. Drunken Garlic Black Bean and Drunken Jerk contain soy sauce which is made with wheat. Should we find a tamari that meets our standards we will look into changing these sauces.

Q: Are Secret Aardvark products vegetarian?

A: Yes they are all vegetarian. All but the Spicy Mayo Habanero Hot Sauce are vegan as well. We use xantham gum that is glucose-based that is derived from non-GMO corn.

Q: What’s the nutritional information for Secret Aardvark sauces?

A: View a sauce to view the nutritional information.

Q: Why are your bottles so stiff? Why did you change your bottle?

A: Secret Aardvark products are filled hot and the thinner bottles had significant paneling. The only way to fix it was to go to a thicker bottle.

Q: Are your bottles recyclable?

A: Yes and we would like you to either reuse them or recycle them. Never discard them on the ground. We all share a responsibility for this world.

Q: Do your bottles have BPA?

A: No way! We use a local bottle producer who we trust to keep all the scary stuff out of them. We eat Secret Aardvark too and we don’t want that in our food!

Q: Why plastic and not glass?

A: We tried glass and it broke in transit. In order to keep using glass we would need more packaging to protect it. This means more things to be put in the landfill or recycled. Also glass weighs more. Shipping is already sky high. After much research we determined for our products plastic had a smaller footprint than heavy glass with extra packaging.

Q: Is Secret Aardvark GMO Free?

A: Absolutely! Again, we eat Secret Aardvark too and we don’t want our food genetically modified.

Q: When are you coming to my town?

A: Our goal is to be everywhere! Help us get to your town! Here is a form that you can fill in and give to your favorite bodega, grocery, café, food cart and anywhere you want Secret Aardvark! We can ship anywhere in the United States!

Q: Are you available internationally?

A: We are currently available in the United States, Canada, and Australia. International tariffs, payments and distribution take a while to figure out but we are on our way to adding more countries! Check out our international page to see where we’re available!

Q: How long will my sauce last?

A: On the side of your bottle is a best-by date.

Q: Where is Secret Aardark made?

A: We are commercially packed at a local family-run plant near Portland, Oregon.