20 years ago, in the back of a food truck at a farmer’s market in Portland, OR…a fluffy blue Aardvark was born. And, being a fan, you’ve probably seen him waggling his eyebrows at you from a sauce bottle or two since then!

But who is this mysterious mammal? And what’s his big secret, anyway?

Well, for one, his name is Scooter! And that’s just the beginning. For his 20th birthday, we asked the Aardvark 20 questions so we could all get to know this fine, furry fella a bit better.

Scooter the Secret Aardvark
  1. Name: Scooter
  2. Age: 20
  3. Occupation: Spokesaardvark
  4. Favorite Food: Antchovies
  5. Favorite Hobby: Salsa dancing
  6. Best Qualities: Kindness, being plump
  7. Biggest Turn-On: Adventurous palates
  8. Celebrity Crush: Spice Girls
  9. Role Model: Big Bird
  10. Go-To Karaoke Song: “Ring of Fire,” by Johnny Cash
  11. Greatest Accomplishment: Boston Marathon
  12. Hidden Talent: Have you seen my tongue?
  13. What’s in Your Pockets Right Now: Fur
  14. Favorite Animal: Komodo dragon
  15. Favorite Holiday: Groundhog Day
  16. Favorite Dad Joke: How did Scooter win the Boston Marathon? By a nose.
  17. Favorite Smell: Tacos
  18. Who’d Play You in a Hollywood Movie: Harry Styles
  19. Words to Live By: Grab life by the habaneros!
  20. So…What’s the Big Secret?? My snout is sealed.