Ah, the 4th of July—fireworks, barbecues…and aardvark anxiety! While we humans ooh and aah at the colorful explosions, our long-snouted pals might be thinking, “What the ant hill is going on!?” Fear not! Here are four easy ways to help your aardvark (or other critter friend) keep their cool during the fireworks frenzy.

Wear ‘em Out:
If your aardvark has been stuck in the house all day, they’re far more likely to flip their lid when the bombs start bursting in air. On the 4th, make sure to parade your pet around the neighborhood a little longer than usual to ensure smoother sailing.

Make a Fort:
Forget burrows! It’s all about the aardvark cave! Find a cozy corner inside your house and whip up a makeshift den with branches and leaves (or substitute couch cushions and blankets, as appropriate) where your buddy can ride out the fireworks storm. A covered-up and extra-cushiony crate or kennel will also do! Make their Secret Aardvark hideout super inviting with a stash of ants or other snacks and their favorite toys.

Rock the Soundtrack:
Turn it up! Play recordings or videos of fireworks at a low volume level while engaging in some fun antics with your aardvark. As they get more comfortable, crank up the noise and keep the good times rolling. Soon enough, they’ll be snuffling along to the soundtrack like a rock star! Once the real pops and sizzles commence, turn on some soothing music at a medium volume or try a white noise machine to take the edge off.

Gussy Them Up:
It’s time to suit up your furry friend in the latest fashion trend: the anxiety vest! Think of it as aardvark couture meets zen master chic. Pair it with a spritz of calming spray or plug in a pheromone diffuser for that extra touch of tranquility. Your pal will soon be exuding cool-as-a-cucumber confidence.

The 4th of July doesn’t have to be a traumatic time for your best friend. With a bit of creativity, you can help your aardvark navigate the fireworks frenzy like a boss. Have an ant-tastic celebration!