Camping with Secret Aardvark

In the Pacific Northwest, hiking and camping are two of our community’s most beloved pastimes. Whether we’re camping at a festival, with our family and friends, or making a solo excursion, there’s something about being out in nature that brings out the best in us. But let’s be honest. Camping food can be kinda boring….

Women-Owned Businesses We Love in 2021

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and as a woman-owned business we wanted to highlight a few other women-owned businesses in the PNW that we’re enormous fans of! Freeland Spirits Also based out of Portland, OR, Freeland Spirits is a woman-owned distillery that makes some of the finest gin and bourbon we’ve ever had the…

National Spicy Guacamole Day: Chunky or Creamy?

It’s November 14, which means it’s National Spicy Guacamole Day! At Secret Aardvark, we love guacamole so much—especially guac with a kick—that we have not one but TWO guacamole recipes for you to celebrate with.

Why Do People Like Hot Sauce?

Hot sauce is having a moment. According to Google Trends, which tracks how many people are searching for a particular keyword over time, hot sauce has steadily been gaining popularity since 2004.

Does Hot Sauce Need To Be Refrigerated?

A while back, we answered the common question, “does hot sauce go bad?” In that post, we recommend refrigerating your hot sauce to extend its shelf life. But does hot sauce need to be refrigerated? The truth is, it depends on the sauce’s ingredients, source, and how quickly you use it! Does Hot Sauce Go…

Red Eye / Red Beer: A History and a Recipe

If you’re looking to shake up your brunch game, we suggest adding a little tomato juice and Secret Aardvark to your beer! What is a Beer and Tomato Juice Drink Called? A cocktail made with beer and tomato juice has several names depending on what region you’re ordering it in. Popular names include Red Eye…

Why Am I Craving Hot Sauce?

Craving a food is a lot like having a song stuck in your head — it absolutely consumes you.  Thankfully, unlike having a song stuck in your head, you can usually satisfy a food craving. But what causes food cravings? Specifically, you may ask yourself, why am I craving hot sauce?  There isn’t one answer…