Here’s a statement that will surprise no college student anywhere: Feeding yourself while living in a dorm can be a real drag. That is if you want mealtime to entail something other than bottomless bags of chips or expensive takeout.

We here at Aardvark say, “Enough, young scholar!” There are many simple (and inexpensive) options to keep those dorm-made noms bursting with flavor. And lots of heat.

Big Disclaimer: By “Dorm Room Inferno,” we don’t mean literally burning down your dorm. If you’re already paying tuition, you can’t afford a lawyer, too, trust us.

But making your R.A.’s eyes water with spice from all the way down the hall? Sounds like a win!

Easy dorm room meals that won’t be boring…once you slap some sauce on ‘em!

  • Street Corn from a Can (Exotic! Impress your friends!)

Do veggies from a can count? We say yes! All you need is two cans of corn (because…leftovers!) drained, ½ cup of cotija cheese, ¼ cup mayo, ¼ cup cilantro. Stir it up, and give it 45 seconds in the micro. Then, give it smoky sizzle with as big a dollop as you dare of Aardvark Reaper Smoked Hot Sauce.

  • Spicy Avocado Toast (Okay, but eat a real vegetable already!)

All you need is bread, some mashed-up avocado, and a healthy squirt of our zesty, tangy Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce. Well, and a toaster. Or make it an (untoasted) avocado sandwich and throw in other fillings that strike your fancy!

  • Loaded Microwaved Baked Potato (You know what to do!)

Ooooh, are baked potatoes ever satisfying? And there’s truly no wrong topping to put on ‘em. Scrub your potato, prick it with a fork, and nuke it until it’s soft, about 5-8 minutes (or more, depending on size). It will be volcano-hot when it’s done, so let it cool. Then slice it and stack it up with stuff, including a generous squirt of our savory, almost BBQ-like Chipotle-Hab Sauce.

  • Nuked, Saucy Egg Sammie (Belly-pleasing flavor, day or night!)

The micro is your friend for a lot of food you’d normally fry or bake, and eggs are no exception. Lightly oil the inside of a micro-safe bowl, crack your egg, and pierce the yolk (to prevent popping). Cover with a lid or plate and cook on high for 30 seconds. Let stand for one minute, then remove the lid and check doneness. If you want it done more, zap it for 15 more seconds. Then, slide it onto a bagel, bread, or biscuit and add other toppings to taste, including a healthy dash (or three) of our classic Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce.

  • Savory Oats (Beat the breakfast blahs)

Instant oatmeal cups or packets are a dorm-food classic. And while most folks heap on the sweet toppings at breakfast, oats make a hearty foundation for heat. Start by preparing a cup or packet of plain oatmeal. Then pile on toppings like shredded cheese and frozen or microwavable veggies. Top it all off with a dash or four of Aardvark Habanero or Smoky Chipotle-Hab Hot Sauce to amp it up.

  • Dorm Nachos or Burritos (Just plain tasty!)

Empty a can of black beans into a microwave-safe bowl and nuke till warm. Add some Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce to taste, top with shredded cheese and maybe avocado if you have some handy. Then grab some corn or tortilla chips and start dipping (hey, we never said we were anti-chip!). Or wrap it up in a warmed tortilla. Other burrito filling ideas: Got a packet of microwavable rice or veggies? Leftover deli chicken? Toss in an egg for a breakfast burrito? Let your imagination run wild on this one!

  • Ramen…(Because, of course)

We know, we know. Sometimes you’re just gonna reach for that packet of ramen. And we don’t blame you. It’s tasty stuff–especially when you give it a heat and flavor blast from our fermented, sriracha-style Red Scorpion Fiery Hot Sauce. Toss in some fresh chopped scallions, a microwaved egg, and a chopped-up, cooked deli-case pork chop for ultimate yum.

Hot Sauce: The Tastiest Food Group?

Adding Aardvark sauce to spike your meals has some serious upsides in addition to flavor. First, the flavor is all-natural. Like, seriously–it’s made of veggies. No gross additives, fillers, or ingredients you’d only recognize if you’re a chemistry major.

So, is our hot sauce a new food group? Only you nutrition majors could tell us for sure…

Additionally, you don’t have to go Greek to get a “rush” (ha, see what we did there?!). The capsaicin in hot sauce (the stuff that makes peppers hot) produces adrenaline. How’s that for a boost to your late-night study sesh?

But most of all, a belly full of delicious, fiery grub will nourish your brain parts, keep you awake in class, and help you keep on bustin’ those As. So, when you hit campus this fall, remember: It’s real food–and all-natural Aardvark hot sauce–for the dorm room win!

PS. Want to cause a Dorm Room Inferno? Our 5 Alarm Gift Set features all five Aardvark hot sauce flavors. So, snag one and get lit!