Here at Aardvark, we love making meal prep simple and affordable. And that includes spicing up basic ingredients that turn just about any food into full-flavored, mouth-watering gourmet fare.

Like this butter: Put it on an old shoe and it would probably taste good. Actually, don’t do that. But it would.

Wake that boring morning toast the hell up!  Slather it on muffins, biscuits, steak, or hashbrowns. Add it to a sizzling-hot pan and scramble up some eggs in it.

And this stuff’s not just for breakfast. Think of all the times you add creamy, delicious butter to bread, crackers, vegetables, mac and cheese sauce… popcorn? Yes.


One cube of butter (softened)

2 tablespoons Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce


Partially melt butter in microwave until gooey but not runny

Mix in Habanero Sauce

Form it into a cube (or get a cool butter or candy mold at the craft store, if you want, maybe they have an aardvark-shaped one), then chill…and enjoy!

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