This incredibly simple recipe is a perfect way to tickle your tastebuds while you also impress your friends and family. They’ll never guess all you did was toss your green beans in Aardvark’s Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce (Shhh… it can be our secret)! The sauce and sesame seeds give this dish an Asian-style twist…but these beans can pair up with your favorite go-to entrees, and can also make a unique splash for holiday dinners.


1 1/2 pounds green beans, trimmed

1 1/2 tablespoons oriental sesame oil

2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted

1/3 cup Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce


Blanch green beans in large pot of boiling water until crisp-tender, about 3 minutes. Drain. Transfer green beans to large bowl of ice water to cool. Drain again. Pat green beans dry. (Can be prepared 1 day ahead. Wrap green beans in paper towels and enclose in a resealable plastic bag. Refrigerate.)

Heat oil in large wok or nonstick skillet over high heat. Add green beans and stir-fry until heated through (about 2 minutes).

Add Drunken Garlic Black Bean sauce. Stir-fry until sauce reduces slightly and loosely coats green beans (about 2 minutes longer).

Add sesame seeds and toss to coat. Transfer green bean mixture to bowl and serve.

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