If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, you might have heard a familiar name on last week’s episode—us!

Our newest partners Slice of Sauce made a deal with baseball legend and J-Lo spouse Alex Rodriguez to bring Slice of Sauce to tailgates, camping, picnics and more. Our favorite part? Their slice of Secret Aardvark is available for pre-order now!

But what is Slice of Sauce? Slice of Sauce takes the same approach as slices of cheese to give you a mess-free, consistent flavor experience. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of a year, making it perfect for flavor that kicks you in the mouth anywhere you go.

We teamed up with Slice of Sauce to give you a new way to enjoy Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce. Layer it onto burgers, grilled cheese, or breakfast sammies for big flavor and less mess!

Use the code “SOS” to access the pre-order.

Please note that this is a PRE-ORDER. This product is still in the manufacturing stage! We’ll keep you in the loop when this becomes available, and begin shipping as soon as we have it in our hands!