Let’s face it: Grilling burgers can be a little intimidating. But enough of that. Here are four simple tips that will earn your burgers five stars.
1. Fat is where it’s at.
Pick ground beef that has 20% fat (or even more) for a burger coming off the grill at its mouth-watering best. If you go with leaner ground beef, you’re more likely to end up with a dry, sad patty. Not worth the few calories it’ll save this one time, promise!
2. To get a good char on the outside and keep it juicy on the inside, watch your temperatures.
Yes, we said temperatures, as in more than one. Basically, you want the burgers to go on the hotter part of the grill to sear the outside first. That locks in the juices (and flavor) and gives the exterior a nice, tasty char. After giving them a good sear on both sides, turn down the heat to finish cooking through. We do ours at around 400 degrees for 4 or 4.5 minutes per side.
3. Hands Off!
A little neglect never tasted so good. Every time you flip, press, or cut into a burger while it’s grilling, you lose a little bit more juicy goodness. So, stop poking at them! Instead, flip ‘em…and step away from the grill. Enjoy a beverage, perhaps a lively conversation. Then, come back in a few minutes when side two is done.  
4. Give it a Rest. 
Now for the hardest part of all: Take those patties off the fire and let them sit. We’re talking for 10 minutes or more. This allows the juices to concentrate inside the burger and stay there when you bite or cut into it. Does this level of restraint seem near impossible? We get it. Just know that the best burger comes to those who wait.
We bet after mastering these tips, you’ll be making juicy, spicy, flavorful burgers all the time! You got this!

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