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Secret Aardvark Trading Co. was founded in 2004 by creative and culinary genius Scott Moritz. His love of travel, surfing, making music and telling stories was matched only by his passion for discovering the flavors of the world. We began hawking sauce at Portland farmer’s markets and now we’re in over 1,000 (and counting) roadhouses, eateries, and groceries from here to New York City, proudly gracing tables where the food matters, but the decor may not.

Scott’s life in food began when he entered a chili cook-off at age thirteen. He went on to start a pie company, several catering businesses, a tamale cart, and was a co-founder of Portland’s own Salvador Molly’s. Friends and family always coveted a spot at Scott’s table, where you never knew what delicious and unforgettable dishes (and tales) would emerge from the kitchen. His adventures ended far too soon when we lost him to pancreatic cancer in 2009. Scott’s passing left us to carry forward his dream of sharing his unique, flavorful, and affordable sauces with the world. And we are proud to do so.


When he was in his late teens, Scott and his friends read an editorial in the local paper that outlined the “Nine ways to identify a gang”. They thought the article was so ridiculous (as it only stereotyped social groups) that they wrote a satirical letter to the editor claiming to be a part of a gang called the “Secret Aardvarks”. The paper took them seriously and published a warning about the new gang, and he laughed about it until years later when he deemed his hot sauce worthy of the name. If you know, you know.

Originally a ten-sauce lineup, we whittled it down to three real ass-kickers:

Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Our flagship sauce features a unique “Caribbean meets Tex-Mex” flavor and just enough heat to slap the sass outta your mouth. It’s a versatile table sauce that adds a special something to dang near anything, and works as a marinade too! Try it for yourself with the awesome recipes here.

Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce

This Asian-inspired, whiskey-laced sauce makes a uniquely delicious marinade, pasta sauce, or stir fry sauce. Check out some of our favorite recipes here.

Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade

A mouth-blasting blend of thyme, allspice, habanero, garlic and a nice little jolt of dark island rum. A delicious way to kickstart a variety of dishes including jerk chicken (of course) along with all the great recipes you’ll find here.

Recently we’ve added two more taste sensations to blow your mind!

Spicy Mayo Aardvark Habanero Spread

We are sad to announce that we have had to discontinue Spicy Mayo. We have had many issues with this spicy goodness and since we see no immediate solution we are taking it off our lineup.  We have partnered with a couple of mayo experts and we believe they are our best chance at finding a solution! We are hoping for its return some day

Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce

Don’t be fooled by the color! Our green hot sauce is spicy but won’t cause permanent damage to your taste buds.  You’ll find Serrabanero recipes here.

Need some Secret Aardvark of your very own? You got it, baby! Order from us here, from Amazon (free shipping for Prime members!), or find us on the shelves of a secret network of Oregon, Washington, Montana, New York, California, Colorado, Illinois, and Texas stores (check our locator for the not-so-secret list, decoder ring not required).

No need to love your Aardvark in secret! If your favorite food joint doesn’t carry Secret Aardvark, let ‘em know they oughta. Here is a form that you can fill in and give to your eatery or shop of choice. Thanks for spreading the love!

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