Secret Aardvark Trading Company

Secret Aardvark has become a little less of a secret. After several misfires we have arrived in cyberspace with a resounding plop! So for all of you who have been trying to track the Secret Aardvark down, here we are! Glad to meet you!

Now that you have found us here is our story. We are a small (2 ½ people) Portland Oregon operation. We started by pedaling our sauces at the Portland Farmers markets in 2004. From an original line up of ten sauces we have narrowed our product line down to two sauces and one on the way (stay tuned). We have our Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce, an Asian inspired spicy whiskey laced marinade, pasta and stir fry sauce and our flagship sauce, Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce. Our hot sauce is served on the tables of over 100 of Portland’s coolest food joints. Both sauces are available in many secretly ordained Portland area grocery stores (see list – no decoder ring required). We have found our way to Washington and Montana so if your favorite restaurant or grocery story doesn’t carry Secret Aardvark let them know they should and tell ‘em to contact us here. We’ll do the rest.

We love Portland! Only in Portland could we do what we do as there is no other place like it. However, we are super happy to share the love and our hot sauce with the rest of you around the country and across the globe. We will ship Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce pretty much anywhere. Check out our mail order page and spread the love. Payment by PayPal for your convenience and ours. If you want Secret Aardvark Drunken Garlic Black Bean please contact Food Fight Vegan Grocery in Portland as they are happy to ship to you.

We want to hear from you so please email us your suggestions, stories about Aardvark stuff, recipes, love letters and death threats. We just might post it on our site.

Viva La Aardvark!!

Stacy Aardvark