From local publications to national press outlets, we’ve been fortunate to have quite a few good folks say excellent things about our products. This is super AWESOME for a small sauce operation!












We were thrilled when Iron Chef Michael Symon called Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce “The Greatest Hot Sauce Ever.”

The popular website Thrillist listed us as one of the top regional hot sauces, which got close to 80,000 views, and another article mentioned Secret Aardvark as one of 14 hot sauces that could de-throne Sriracha. Sure, why not?!

Secret Aardvark has also been highlighted by The Portland Mercury.

Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) said Aardvark was his “must use” for his Hangover-Helper Sandwiches.

In both Penthouse and Maxim, we were mentioned as one of the best hot sauces in the country. But, don’t believe us, click on the articles.


Yes, the articles.



Maxim Jan/Feb 2013

Finder 2011-2012

Playboy Aug 2011

MAR 9, 2011

APRIL 21, 2011

MAY 18, 2011




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