June 3rd, 2010 Update

There has been lots of activity at Secret Aardvark. In addition to Whole Food’s Markets in the northwest Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk is now available at many other stores. Look for it in New Season’s, Market of Choice, Food Front Co-ops, Food Fight Vegan Grocery, Alberta St. Co-op and at your local Secret Aardvark seller. If your store doesn’t have Drunken Jerk ask them to get it for you as we are happy to share!

We have also updated the packaging for the Drunken sauces to plastic bottles with flip top lids. The flip tops make it easy to store upside down in the fridge so you can get every last drop. We made a conscious decision to move to plastic bottles for several reasons, they are lighter than glass bottles using fewer resources when transporting and are more durable for mail order. The bottles are recyclable so please reuse or at least recycle! As always Secret Aardvark’s bottles are BPA free.

Take a look at the order page and you will find that Drunken Jerk and Drunken Garlic Black Bean are available by mail. We also have t-shirts! Proclaim your allegiance to Secret Aardvark Trading Co. by wearing us on your chest for the entire world to see!

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses one of the Secret Aardvark sauces? Share it with us! If we like it we will add it to the website earning you a bottle of sauce.

Thanks for loving us! We couldn’t do it without you! Viva la Aardvark!

Stacy Aardvark