Drunken Jerk

The term jerk is said to come from the word charqui, a Spanish term for jerked or dried meat, which eventually became jerky in English. Some say that the Jerk-style of cooking was first introduced to Jamaica over 300 years ago by the slaves brought to Jamaica from Africa. In other reports the Arawak Indians, the original natives of Jamaica are credited with creating Jerk. Regardless of who actually created jerk, good jerk seasoning has an unmistakable flavor that can only be attributed to Jamaican Jerk as nothing else tastes like it.

Our founder, Scott Moritz, loved the complex flavors of Jamaican Jerk seasoning. He worked for several years to develop just the right balance of thyme, allspice, scotch bonnet peppers and garlic in his recipe. The addition of rum to this marinade is what makes it “Drunken” as well as balances the flavors. This was the last sauce Scott developed for production before he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He had many more sauce ideas in his head and it is our loss that they will never cross our tables.

The production of this sauce was made possible by an exclusive agreement by Whole Foods Market in Washington and Oregon. Whole Foods Market began stocking Secret Aardvark Trading Company Drunken Jerk sauce in the Northwest stores in July. Drunken Jerk will only be available at the Northwest at Whole Foods Market stores until February 2010. After that we will begin to distribute Drunken Jerk to other stores outside of the Whole Foods Market family. The generous agreement by Whole Foods Market allows Secret Aardvark to ship Drunken Jerk to individuals outside of the Northwest Whole Foods Market area as well as proving it to meat counters and restaurants for use in recipes. Secret Aardvark Trading Company would like to thank Whole Foods Market. Without their generous offer we would not have been able to make this sauce available to you and to fulfill Scott’s dream.

Use this spicy jerk marinade on chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables. For best results marinate the poultry overnight with Drunken Jerk Sauce. The trick is to rub the sauce well under the skin of the chicken and marinate it with the skin intact. While seasoning beef or pork, always make shallow cuts. When using on fish rub Drunken Jerk Sauce thoroughly on the fish and let marinate for 1 – 2 hours. Marinate vegetables in sauce for 1-2 hours. A zip lock bag works great for marinating vegetables or boneless cuts of meat.

Stacy Aardvark